About Landshark

Hydro excavation is the safest way to excavate utilizing pressurized water combined with a high power vacuum.

Our Keys to Success

Landshark Hydro Excavation came to fruition with the idea of providing a safe non destructive means of excavating and all of the key elements that relate to this specialized service.

The combined knowledge of the partners in pipeline, petrochemical and petroleum refining, utility construction, emergency response, and environmental experience, Landshark brings to the industry a well skilled and outfitted company with the ability to surmount any facet in the industry today.

Landshark’s continuing education and research development to further improve its service lines and workforce comprehension has made us competitive in pricing and a leader in the business.

Landshark Hydro Excavation is the answer for providing safety and productivity on your next project.

Our Mission: As a team operating with the efficiencies of an innovative company, LandShark Hydro-excavation Services has the knowledge and expertise to be responsive to our clients needs while maintaining our highest commitment to safety.

Core Values: LandShark is able to maintain its commitment through the following core values:

• Concentrate on safety leadership and performance
• Develop and implement exceptional value to our customers
• Maintain the highest level of Integrity
• Provide individual opportunity and develop our employees
• Continue responsibility to the communities we serve